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tomorrow is the biggest adventure

Very early in my life, I started to think about economic ethics, about the sociological and psychological aspects in companies and organisations and developed a consulting approach, focussing on people. People and their norms and values, attitudes and beliefs. Their actions and interactions and the sometimes complicated web of human correlations.


What could be more obvious, than establishing a consultancy of my own some day. Focussing on people to create change. Helping companies to recognize and apply their potentials to grow.


But things started completely different.


Born into a rather uncommon family, my childhood and my youth were influenced by constant worldwide travels. Having the invaluable privilege to grow up in the savannahs of Africa, at the beaches of the Carribean and in the rainforests of Southeast Asia, besides my home in Southern Germany.


And I owe a lot more to this family. My father gave me his courage, his sense of duty and his persistence and my very political mother, who was a feminist, way before it was hip, her pragmatism and propensity to have an opinion. Not to adapt myself at any price, but to stand up for my convictions.


In the 1980ies, my professional career started at the Nanz-Group as a sales guy and at Raiffeisen, being the assistant of the marketing director. At a very young age, I took over responsibility for the store network of the Eurobike Group in Düsseldorf. In the 1990ies the Eurobike Group was at the pinnacle of success, being market leader for motorbike-clothes and motorbike-accessories, with well-known brands like Hein Gericke, Polo or Helmstudio. 


For more than 11 years, I worked for Müller in Ulm, originally a drugstore chain with, at that time, roughly 600 stores in Europe. I was responsible for international sales and procurement of toys and seasonal items. In the year 2010, my fantastic team and me accomplished market leadership in Germany, which was a great success. It was under my leadership, that we installed a very successful imports- and private label business, establishing a Hong Kong office of our own. 


In the year 2012, I left corporate Germany, as member of the board of a stock company, located in Berlin. A chain of 100 retail shops for baby equipment, children´s fashion and toys.


By the end of 2012, I finally founded Ph-International Consultants. Starting capital was selling my Harley, a clear concept, a strong belief in myself and a great deal of madness. A step in my career, I never regretted. 


Tell me, what can we do for you?




Peter Hollo

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”


C.S. Lewis