Cross Cultural Business Training for Non-Germans

The first thing, you learn in strategy class, besides knowing yourself, is to know your opponent. Many of you, at least the successful ones, spend a lot of time on getting acquainted with facts and figures. 


How many of you spend time on getting to know more about the people? Not too many, I assume. But isn´t it all about people? How much time have you spent on training your staff to be ready for German (business) culture?


Minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities – that´s what it is. For single individuals and for your complete organisation. 


Knowing more about German (business) habits, traditions, dos and dont´s, about beliefs and convictions, can save you thousands of dollars in the end. It will prevent misunderstandings on both sides. 


We offer cross cultural group training for Non-German staff or special personalized cross cultural training for executives, one-on-one.


Why taking the risk and sending untrained staff to Germany and all of a sudden experiencing, that nothing seems to work, like at home? Life and business can be so easy and so successful. Train your staff, train your executives now! For:

  • Best results in negotiations and agreements.
  • Best results in sales or marketing.
  • Best results in acquiring and retaining German business partners.
  • Best results in hiring German staff.
  • Best results in retaining German staff.
  • Realizing obstacles in advance and finding the right strategies.
  • Realizing and developing business opportunities.
  • Retaining your staff, by giving them a good feeling of being in the driver seat and no longer feeling like an alien. Avoiding disencouragement and isolation.
  • Feeling safe at social events and avoiding typical pitfalls.

…and many more.


Global support. Training offered in Germany and your home country. 


You have a special international and cross-cultural project to be solved? Even this is possible. Call us now and we will find a solution to achieve your company goals. 

"Know Your Opponent!"