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The Idea - 360 degrees solutions for your company





The demands of the consumer goods and service industry are so complex, that real 360 degrees solutions are a major requirement. Peter Hollo - International Consultants is a think tank, a management consultancy and  a network of outstanding independent senior consultants - all experts on their subjects. For every project, we design a special team - customized and based on your individual needs - of course after your approval and and observing GDPR. Giving you the support, you expect. Long enough to achieve your goals, short enough to meet your financial expectations.



Where there is common ground, there are trustfulness and confidence. The good feeling, having a partner, who understands. A partner, you can rely on. We have the strong belief, that concepts have to be as solid as the reality, that your business faces every single day. Providing practical relevance, realizability and real added value.  


We think, that representative buildings and expensively designed offices are no longer adequate. Therefore, we invest in decentralized workplaces and modern communication methods. Customized teams ensure highest efficiency and motivation. 


We look forward to receiving your order. In close cooperation with you, we develop strategic concepts and specific solutions. Because we care!  Fair, loyal and discrete.

"Think Tank for

Sales People."


It´s not the facts and figures, that make companies successful, it´s the people. Objective of hr- or recruitment marketing is to structure and shape all staff-related strategic and operational activities, in accordance with the objectives of your company. Recruitment marketing is introducing the mindset and the tools of modern marketing to human ressources management.


Our recruitment services include international human ressources consulting, executive search and headhunting. Our retainment services provide you with innovative employer branding, organizational redesign, coaching, sparring and mentoring. Especially top executives benefit from our executive dialogues, where they can share their thoughts in full privacy. And finally our newplacement services support companies and their employees to find new business perspectives.

Trainings and Workshops

We offer a wide range of trainings and workshops - for you personally, and for your team. Focussed on B2B and B2C topics.


Such as, in German language:

  • Sales strategies
  • Leadership
  • Personnel management
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Negotiation trainings

Our special service, in English language:

  • Cross cultural business training for Non-Germans