Recruitment Marketing, a Holistic Approach to Company Culture

It´s not the facts and figures, that make companies successful, it´s the people. Objective of recruitment marketing is to structure and shape all staff-related strategic and operational activities, in accordance with the objectives of your company. Recruitment marketing is introducing the mindset and the tools of modern marketing to human ressources management. It´s a completely different view on employees, the current, and those, you seek to attract. All of a sudden employees are no longer just another ressource, they are customers. And that is, how they should be treated. These external and internal customers have to be convinced, motivated and retained.

  • External recruitment marketing deals with recruitment of professional and managerial staff. Its main task, is to efficiently and quickly recruit new employees.
  • Internal recruitment marketing deals with the people already working for your company. It´s focussing on their interests, biases or their motivation. Objective is to create and sustain long-term commitment and loyalty, to prevent costly staff turnover, with all its risks. Like knowledge-transfer to your competitors or a negative perception of your brand as an employer. So called total-reward-strategies play an important role in this context. Retaining employees by intangible rewards, like training and development, work-life-balance-rewards, home-office, team events or health programms.

Mission of recruitment marketing, is to enhance your attractiveness and competitiveness as an employer, by standing out against your competitors. That is why employer branding is such an inherent part.

Human Ressources Consulting, Executive Search, Headhunting

We make your search for new team members comfortable and efficient. Managing director, board member, marketing director, sales manager or maybe you seek the right person to hand over your business to? We will provide you with the support you need. 


We offer complex and extensive executive search and worldwide headhunting, including identification of matching target companies and target subjects, as well as conventional recruitment by using print, online-publications or social networks like Xing, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. 


In cooperation with you, we develop a job profile, in line with the market, a realistic requirement profile and identify a required salary,. Asessment of the candidates'  soft and hard skills. Identification of a realistic aspiration level. 

Employer Branding

It´s not only the competition for customers, that companies are currently facing. It´s the competion for the best talents. And not only for the best, the brightest or the smartest. It´s about even finding anybody, willing to join. The job situation has changed radically in a couple of markets. What has been an employer market once, is an employee market now.


In these markets, companies are confronted with a self-confident generation of (young) professionals, very well knowing, what they want. And what they don´t want. Employer branding is no longer an option, it is a must!


Your employer brand includes your own system of values, your special code of conduct, code of practice or code of ethics. Just to mention a few. It´s what makes your company special and desirable. More or less it is your employer usp.


Have you ever thought,

  • whether your system of values is still up-to-date and accepted?
  • what is making you special? Or is making you special in a positive and attractive way?

Only a few questions, we have to deal with.


Don´t forget the aspects, that employer branding has inside your company. A well defined and up-to-date employer brand is crucial, when it comes to motivation and to building loyalties with your teams. In one word, when it comes to retainment.


We counsel and support you on your way to implemention of a long term well positioned employer brand. We do that in 4 steps:


Step 1: Analyzing your actual status quo.

Step 2: Developing mission, goals and strategy. Defining hygiene factors, like status, job security, salary, fringe benefits, work conditions, good pay, paid insurance, vacations. Defining motivators, like challenging work, recognition for one's achievement, responsibility, opportunity to do something meaningful, involvement in decision making, sense of importance to an organization.*

Step 3: Internal and external implementation and communication.

Step 4: Controlling and monitoring of the process.



Organizational Redesign

Every company lives from and by its people. It is a part of human nature, that people have the need to express themselves and find a meaning in their work, that they strive after realizing their personal interests, that they seek commitment, initiative and reponsibilty.


Objective of organizational redesign is to harmonize the personal interests of your staff with the objectives and goals of your company. Your company is much more than just facts and figures, much more than structures, economic processes and procedures. Your company is complex cosmos of communication, personal relationships and behavioural patterns as well. A web of norms and values, hidden and visible interactions and power structures. 


If you wish to create a sustainable process of change or development inside your company, you will have to involve the people. Professional organizational redesign is a powerful tool, meant to create long-term economic success and to strengthen your companys competitive abilities - by observing people and their natures.


Organizational redesign can be a starting point, to

  • optimize your workflow, processes and procedures.
  • adjust or realign your power structures.
  • eliminate toxic group dynamics and toxic informal relationships. Development and professionalization of internal networks and cooperational structures.
  • reduce or eliminate interpersonal conflicts inside the company. Improvement of mutual cooperation. Enhancement of social communication.
  • humanize the working environment by creating an atmosphere of commitment and personal and professional development.
  • increase flexibility, willingness to change and innovative capabilities.
  • increase motivation by implementing state-of-the-art management behaviour.
  • develop and implement mission statements and overall concepts.

As mentioned before, organizational redesign will only be successful when involving your staff, encouraging the people in your company to be a part of the solution. Organizational redesign is no self-healing process. It is a process, that needs professional mentoring, coaching and support. Especially very loyal and long-standing employees tend to be company blind, there are certain group dynamic effects, mutual dependencies, hierarchical structures, personal interests and much more, that require input and "guidance" from outside of the company.


Every organisation, every company, every single employee has a history. Nobody knows that better, than you do. We recognize and respect that. In organizational redesign, it´s about using knowledge from the inside and improving it by input from the outside. We will not do that by one-size-fit´s-all concepts or the one and only truth. We will respect your heritage and will always work with you and your staff and never against them.

Coaching, Sparring, Mentoring

Coaching, as we understand it, is professional counselling, monitoring and support of people. The aim of coaching, is to enhance learning- and service-processes in a professional environment. Coaching always has to be results-driven and solution-oriented, helping to boost and maintain your professional performance. Every coaching is individually customized to your very personal needs. Every coaching is a combination of individual support and personal counselling. Within the scope of the counselling, you will be encouraged to develop solutions of your own. As a result you will learn to accomplish tasks on your own, to develop your behavior and/or your attitudes and to achieve effective results.


Coaching is a proven tool for:

  • Reaching your career goals.
  • Leadership and management.
  • Development of personal and entrepreneurial goals.
  • Work-life-balance, respectively -blend.

Is coaching a therapy?


Definitely not. Unlike psychotherapy, coaching is meant for "healthy" people. Coaching always is future-oriented. During a therapy, especially in psychotherapy, the past is subject of investigation, to develop appropriate results. The basic question in coaching will always be: WHAT can I do, to feel better and achieve my goals in the future? And not: WHY do I feel bad in a certain situation? Issues like deterioration of self-guidance, psychological illness or addictive disorders need attention of a doctor or a psychologist. We are not qualified to counsel in these cases, but we will provide you with appropriate contacts, when needed. 


What is sparring?


Sparring is coaching under pressure. Especially for senior executives and top level management, this way of coaching will generate a new understanding of the own ego and processes in the company environment. During sparring, you will be highly challenged by resistance, provocative and even aggressive positions, of the coach. The purpose of sparring is to strengthen your abilty to solve complex tasks and to strengthen your ability of self-reflexion under difficult conditions. Simple rule of thumb: The stronger your sparring-partner, the better the result.

Executive Dialogues

Seems the only way to find it out, is to experience it. Starting your carreer, nobody will have ever told you, how lonely you will feel at the top. Especially for top-executives it is hard to open themselves, to share their thoughts and speak frankly. Sharing their wishes, dreams, projects, problems (yes, there are such things, as problems) or even challenges within the company is risky, dangerous or even suicidal. Have you ever tried that in your private life or within your family? Honestly, what happened? Yes, you have to accept, that your private environment is part of a complicated and fragile web of requirements, demands, expectations or dependences too.


The urge to communicate is a part of the human nature. And wouldn´t it be fantastic to exchange your thoughts with a person on your seniority level? Someone, who listens and challenges you, when needed? Not for his own personal reasons, but for the only goal, to make you even more successful.

  • Overcome mental barriers.
  • Discuss new projects.
  • Face entrepreneurial challenges.
  • Develop strategies for difficult entrepreneurial situations.
  • Overcome internal unrest and self-doubt.
  • Develop new perspectives.

 This requires:

  • Discretion and integrity from both sides.
  • A "positive chemistry" between the partners.
  • A suitable location outside of your usual working environment and a schedule, that meets your requirements.

Newplacement Consulting

Losing your job is a massive blow for every employee. It´s one of these incidents in (business) life, that challenge your self-esteem and make you feel small and vulnerable. Quite often leading to anxiety about the future and existential fears. But life has to go on.


Giving up is not an option!


During the newplacement-process we focus on you, as a person. It´s about reestablishing confidence, motivation and signing a new employment agreement as soon as possible.


Newplacement is a dynamic long-term process, you will be actively involved in. Newplacement isn´t headhunting reversed and it doesn´t mean, you will receive job offers without being active yourself. Newplacement means, we will deal with a couple of topics to increase your chances on the job market. You will find out, this requires reflectivity, flexibility and an open mind from your side as well.


Every newplacement is a very individual process. Still it can be described with the following stages:

  • In-depth analysis of the termination: What were the reasons, that lead to the termination of the agreement, as basis for all further steps. Putting anger and disappointment aside and getting right to the core of the matter.
  • Analyzing your achievements and strenghts.
  • Analyzing your weaknesses and failures.
  • Analyzing the job market.
  • Identification of target companies and target positions.
  • Creation of application material.
  • Preparing job interviews.
  • Feedback sessions after job interviews.
  • Continuous optimization of your application strategy.
  • Support during contractual negotiations - Notice: No legal advice.

Your job has been terminated? Call me now! I will support you on your way back on track.


Important notice for employees:


Talk to your employer about the possibiltiy of a newplacement, right at the beginning of the termination process. Make it a part of your termination agreement. Involve this service as soon as possible. The sooner, we are involved, the sooner we will be able to achieve first positive results. 


Important notice for employers in Germany*:


Nach §216a SGBIII können Sie als Unternehmen bei der Arbeitsagentur Ihres Bundeslandes einen Antrag auf 50%ige Förderung einer solchen Maßnahme stellen. Bis zu 2.500 Euro p.P. Dies ist keine Rechtsberatung. 


*Companies, not located in Germany, please check whether there might be possibilities to get payments for newplacement refunded in your country.