Supervision for Consultants












The philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russel once said:


„The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.“


Coaching, Counseling & Support for Consultants

Todays consultants are living in a complex world, full of complex tasks and a rather complicated mesh of relations. In a role, that not only requires profound expertise and methodological knowledge. Empathy and commitment, quite frequently are the keys to success. Clients expect nothing less, than miracles – who pays the piper, tell´s the song. It´s not always easy to withstand such enormous pressure, or to maintain the necessary distance.


Every consultant of destinction experiences episodes of musing and self-doubt. Even episodes of anger and aggression.


Professional supervision is a well-tried way of dealing with such stressful aspects of counseling. The supervisor and the supervisee enter a close relationship, driven by empathy and mutual trust.




The objective is, to reflect critical moments, the supervisee has experienced in his daily business, or to be prepared to handle difficult situations in the future.


Declared goal, is to ease the load of the supervisee and/or to initiate a learning process.


We offer:

  • Supervision via phone.
  • Supervision via Skype, Facetime etc..
  • Supervision at a location of your choice.



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