Peter Hollo: Business is so inhumane!

That´s a sentence, that I hear quite frequently in my daily coaching business. And what people really want to say is "Business is so inhumane, I wish somebody could change the way others treat me". And here we are, right at the point.


Change does not start with others. Change starts with you. Ever had the idea, that you are a part of this game as well? And waiting for the big bang, that will change everything, ignores the fact that there is so much you can do? Without changing the world as it is?

Let´s face it, it´s very unlikely that you will be the founder of a whole new business ethics, changing the world economic order forever. And probably you will not be the creator of world peace or a fair relationship between the very rich and the very poor.


But, as a person, you are the smallest unit in a very complicated network of relationships. Let´s call it business or society, doesn´t matter in this case. Although you probably will not be able to change the whole network, you can change the network of relationships around you. By random acts of kindness.


"Wowowow!", I hear people say. " Acts of kindness in business? In business you have to be tough and ruthless! Only the strong survive!"

I tell you, leave me alone with this business is war bullshit, that someone started in the early 1990ies. When every middle management guy in a cheap suit suddenly was a warrior in a crusade for the company. We´ve witnessed the result, when these warriors f**ked up the whole banking sector and the taxpayer had to save them.


With random acts of kindness you can save the world, forget what I said above. The world of the person you are kind to. And it can be very easy, with very simple things.


By answering phone calls and not making people call you over and over again. By answering emails and not expecting others to humiliate themselves as supplicants. Your coworker is struggeling? Don´t make yourself comfortable in malicious glee. Help! Tone down in discussions. Listen. And smile more, even at the office weirdo. You don´t know which weight this person carries around all day. This list could be continued forever, but I think you get the concept. Simply be the best person, you can be. With a helpful, kind and mindful attitude.


And suddenly the world around you changes and even business becomes a much better place. And the reason is you.

And those around you, who still take advantage of you? Those who stay bossy, rude, self-absorbed? The office bullies and mobbers? You can´t change them all. Expecting this would be pretty inhumane as well.

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